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About Glen and Melinda

Glen and I were at a loss, two strong personalities.

Five children.

Two ex-partners and a ton of responsibility.

We had so much love for each other but oh so many arguments.

I was constantly feeling that he cared more for his business and personal life than he did our family and he felt controlled and frustrated.

I wanted to teach our children to be loving and nurturing and he wanted them to respect him.

It was a tug o war.

Many times we would sit down and try to work out our differences. Only to end up arguing again.

But then, we tried something different. We let go of our stories and changed the way we talked to each other. We started to monitor how we responded to our emotions and to each other’s needs and something magical happened...

We resolved our heartaches with compassion and understanding.

We felt closer after sharing our frustrations instead of further apart and our children felt happier... there was more alliance between their parents and they knew there was loving boundaries in place they could follow.

This took time, practise and love.

We want you to experience the same love and connection we share every day.

And that is why we created this workshop.

To help you out of that frustrating place we know oh so well.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you and yours the most abundant and loving life of your dreams. Because anything is possible if you thought of it.


Big love,

Glen & Melinda xo