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5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Break from Working Out

This doesn’t sound like a Melinda rant!! Don’t you all wish you heard me say that mid spin class 🙂

Of course, exercise is a HUGE part of my life and an integral part of my message of wellness. However, like most things in life, more is not better. Getting the right balance of busting your butt, doing soulful movements and flat out bed rest is vital for your overall health.

Not convinced yet? Didn’t think you would be so I came prepared. Here are 5 reasons that will help you see why taking a break is important to your overall health and longevity.


  1. Restless Nights Become Inevitable

Too much exercise may create a mineral imbalance, the more strenuous movement you perform the higher the demand for certain nutrients such as zinc, magnesium and other necessary dietary nutritives becomes. If you do not meet your extra demand in terms of good quality foods you may become deficient, which can cause an array of side effects such as restless legs and poor sleep quality. It may affect your mood and eventually have the opposite effect you were hoping for, less energy and increased body weight.


  1. Your Injuries do not Heal

To effectively help your muscles grow bigger and stronger, it needs proper rest. When you exercise, you are tearing your muscle fibers (slightly injuring them) to promote repair and growth, a process called muscle hypertrophy. When you lack rest, the process is hindered, which results in you experiencing more muscle aches and weaker muscles overall. This then increases your chances of getting injuries and preventing them from healing completely from your workouts.


  1. Resting Won’t Affect Your Performance

Mix up your workouts, your bod was designed for movement so you should move it every day, in some way but you def do not want to smash it 7 days a week. You will see better results (I promise) if you mix it up. If you have completed a killer high intensity session aim for yoga, pilates, core or a walk the following day. Then day three you may be up for some weights, working the muscles intensely instead of the heart. Follow this up with another lighter session. Go with how you feel. If you feel sore and lacking in energy then do something easier that day. If you have a spring in your step, it may be a good time in your hormonal cycle and you can do another high intensity session but then take a few days of cruisy exercise to follow. Listen to your inner guidance system. No amount of research (or bossy trainer) knows you better than you do. If you learn to listen to your body you will notice your results increase more than killing yourself all the time.


  1. Your Immune System can be Put at Risk

Our immune systems protect us from potential viruses, bacteria and foreign bodies that could potentially harm us. They also aid during the process of healing and repairing. Without proper rest, it’s quite possible for our immune response to slow, which is like having a security guard sleeping on the job. It won’t be effective against any intruders in that low power mode. And now you’re taking a long stint off the treadmill to shake an infection.


  1. Make Your Spirit Hang for it

Taking those low key days will not only promote healing and repair, help you with your performance and keep your immune system healthy, but it will also spruce up your hunger to move. Lower pace days will help you avoid being burned-out. Giving your headspace the calm it needs and aid in recharging the bod.

When you are there for grit, go hardcore all the way. But try a variety of exercise to balance it out. Mix it up and keep it fresh, keep your body guessing and know when to push and when to play.

Happy fitness friends 🙂

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