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What is coaching all about?

The best athletes have one, successful businesses consult them, so why not use a coach for your life? The most valuable asset you have is Y O U! Melinda can help you dig deep and find your spark that is ready to turn into a giant flame with a little coaching and direction.

A coach is someone who can;

  • Help you create your vision
  • Break down your big picture to achievable milestones
  • Keep you accountable along the way
  • Give you a fresh perspective
  • Share valuable tools that will turn your dreams into reality
  • Stretch your ideas of what is possible

What is Melinda's spin on coaching?

Melinda draws upon her skill sets as a naturopath, yoga & meditation teacher, fitness expert, mother, entrepreneur and most importantly, avid learner, to encourage her clients to reconnect with their truest self and create their dream life with practical and useful tools.

Melinda knows what it is like to fall, she works from a R E A L place, sharing the turbulences of your life to encourage you over the mountains and to show you how strong you truly are when you have gained perspective. There is no BS... No fluff or white noise, just useful practical and proven methods to get your life E X A C T L Y  how you want it.

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Every workshop I have been to with Melinda has been a life changing
and eye opening experience. Melinda has this vibe about her that makes
you feel like you have known her for years and that she’s got your back.
Because of this everything she teaches resonates on a much deeper
level, it doesn’t just scratch the surface; it goes deep into your soul.
Melinda has incredible passion about the work that she does and it
exudes into every single word she says. When she speaks, you can tell
that she really wants to help you transform your life!
Melinda humanises the wellness movement. She brings complex
systems and knowledge to her workshops and shares them in a simple,
user friendly way with storytelling, humour and intuition. Melinda
challenges today’s typical beliefs about health and reminds you that you
are in control of your life. She gets you excited to wake up everyday and
be the best you possible.

Holly Cootes
Events Manager
Redhead Wellness Sanctuary


The one word that comes to mind when I think of Mel, is love.

Mel not only demonstrates this externally to others, but it shines from her soul.  She emanates so much passion and joy for what she does that immediately you want to do the same back.  Her realness, her determination and her incredible vision of helping others is so infectious.

I have known Mel for a few years and immediately upon walking into Redhead Wellness Sanctuary I felt at home.  It wasn't to do with the beautiful and comforting decor, it was Mel herself who brought a warming, happy and nurturing vibe to the space that I felt so much love from her. What she has put together at The Sanctuary, is pure heart and soul.

Meg Linton


Mel is amazing to work with! She is so high energy and positive. She is so motivating and pushes you beyond your boundaries. Mel is really approachable and so caring of her clients. I love how at the end of every session she offers amazing advice including health, nutrition and stretching ideas.

Kate 🙂 


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