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Corporate health

Corporate Health Programs

 What is health?

Health is a balance between feeling happy, motivated, inspired, fit and connected to others.

You achieve this balance with stimulation, growth, nutrition, relationships and exercise.

We spend nearly a quarter of our week at work so it is important the workplace feels like a nice place to be in and you have the tools to ensure you are looking after yourself as best as you can whilst typing furiously away at your desk.

Why corporate health?

The best organisations in the world encompass work, fun, and the fit balance beautifully. Why not follow the best in order for your workplace to excel in its industry?

Ensuring everyone in your workplace is healthy is ensuring they are effective and efficient team members.

Our corporate wellness programs are aimed to collaborate ergonomics with natural health solutions and fitness advice to suit the individual needs of you and your staff.

Your program will be unique to your needs.

Program ideas are;

  • In-house yoga classes
  • In-house meditations
  • Educational and inspiring talks to your team on how to keep healthy and engaged at work
  • Coaching on productivity strategies
  • One on one naturopathic consults with your team, for the personalised approach

If you want to break the mould and have an inspired and energised team, get in touch for your free consult to discuss your needs


Melinda recently visited our office and conducted a group session discussing corporate health and provided individual consultations with each staff member.

The group session was extremely informative and we definitely came away as a team feeling a lot more knowledgeable and aware of the importance of corporate health. Melinda provided some simple and practical strategies and tips to help us stay healthy in the workplace.

Following our session with Melinda, our boss invested in standing desks for all staff. We understood the benefits and positive impact that standing for periods of time throughout the day could have on our lymphatic system , overall well-being and 3.30itis.

Melinda also conducted 1 on 1 consultations with each staff member where she performed iridology and discussed our daily food and exercise habits. Melinda provided some recommendations of ways to improve our health and suggested supplements that could benefit our well-being. 

Following Melinda's visit there was a noticeable change in the office vibe and everyone seemed to be more health conscious. Colleagues would discuss health matters and personal improvements and a number of colleagues felt their health had improved since implementing Melinda's recommendations. 

Melinda's kind and caring nature along with her passion and knowledge of all things health is evident and definitely shines through her work. I would definitely recommend Melinda to anyone wanting to improve their health and lifestyle and make positive changes in their lives and working environments.

Cassie De Luca
Office manager

"Melinda is engaging and an inspirational speaker. Her presentation has inspired the football volunteeers that attended the rebel Female Football Week Network Evening, and the staff to continue to work on self develop for their football environments. Melinda provided great techniques for managing stress and gave take home actions for personal development. I look forward to welcoming Melinda to future network evenings."
Holly-Lace Ayton
Female Participation Officer
Northern NSW Football


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Melinda Love Life /Naturopath and Fitness Leader
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by Kate Hodgson - Community Corrections Officer on Melinda Love Life /Naturopath and Fitness Leader

I had the pleasure of dealing with Melinda prior to her speaking at my workplace during mental health week in October 2018. All of our dealings were positive and she really made sure the talk was tailored to our office and individual needs. Mel’s demeanour and professionalism ensured everything was organised well before the event which made co-ordinating this workshop a dream. From our three speakers on the day the feedback was most positive in regards to Melinda’s presentation and approach to overall health. The day was a huge success and staff are still putting into practise the tools and tips Mel shared with us to ensure that our health can remain a priority even with life’s day to say stressors