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Corporate health

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Corporate Health Programs

 What is health?

Health is a balance between feeling happy, motivated, inspired, fit and connected to others.

You achieve this balance with stimulation, growth, nutrition, relationships and exercise.

We spend nearly a quarter of our week at work so it is important the workplace feels like a nice place to be in and you have the tools to ensure you are looking after yourself as best as you can whilst typing furiously away at your desk.

Why corporate health?

The best organisations in the world encompass work, fun, and the fit balance beautifully. Why not follow the best in order for your workplace to excel in its industry?

Ensuring everyone in your workplace is healthy is ensuring they are effective and efficient team members.

Our corporate wellness programs are aimed to collaborate ergonomics with natural health solutions and fitness advice to suit the individual needs of you and your staff.


Your program will be unique to your needs.

Program ideas are;

  • Health by DESiGN (understanding each staff members unique gifts)
  • In-house yoga classes
  • In-house meditations
  • Educational and inspiring talks to your team on how to keep healthy and engaged at work
  • Coaching on productivity strategies
  • One on one coaching with your team, for the personalised approach

If you want to break the mould and have an inspired and energised team, get in touch for your free consult to discuss your needs

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