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Do Dark Thoughts Ever Go Away?

Do Dark Thoughts Ever Go Away?? Once your mind has taken the leap and plunged into the darkest part of you,  Can you ever get to a point that you no longer go there when you feel hopeless?   I remember thirteen years ago, Oska was a two year old and really living up the reputation two-year olds have with constant tantrums and displaying his ODD in a battle for control.   Banjo was a sleepless one year old, 4am was the start to his day and once he wanted another nap at 6am, Oska would wake ready for his … Read More

Am I Getting Old??

Am I Getting Old, Or are we women dancing dangerously  with becoming nothing more than pretty ornaments  Again?? Girls, I believe with all my heart, that if you’re older self (if she evolves) could speak to you now she would say something similar to this;   You’re wasting precious moments in time by trying to get the perfect photo. You went to beautiful places and posed, you weren’t present.  You have so much to give, so much spiritual and emotional intelligence that’s needed RIGHT NOW, please share this. Not your fake tanned arse.  Be different. Just because your friends are … Read More

Suffering Ends When The Gratitude Begins

Here’s a story about a friend of mine He lives in South Africa and called me yesterday He’s not had the best luck lately. Here’s Bobs story, Once upon a time there was a successful and kind man named Bob. Bob was always in a rush. Even when there was no rush. He created urgency everywhere he went. He was obsessed with the reassurance of his phone, always checking emails, facebook messages and using it when driving (tisk tisk). Bob was receiving some pretty significant signs from the Universe to slow down. For the past eighteen months he was sitting … Read More

Relax and trust the process

I Got What I Wanted And then didn’t trust the process. Three months ago I prayed for a health retreat. Don’t tell them (it’s our secret), but I wanted some space from my family. Your typical Mother story, nothing exciting or different I just felt like I was doing everything for everyone and was completely unappreciated and burnt out. Funds are tight whilst we budget for our renovations and get the Sanctuary pumping again post COVID so I wanted it for free. A bit cheeky I know, but hey, I do a lot for others so I’m learning to realise … Read More

Men Aren’t Hairy Women

Men Aren’t Hairy Women Any of this sound familiar?? Can you guess which lines usually come from him and which are from her? ‘You don’t spend enough time with me’ ‘You work too much’ ‘What’s the difference, you said get sauce, and I did that. How can sauce be wrong’ ‘I know I said I don’t want a birthday present but I thought you’d still get me something little’ ‘I can’t do anything right, can I?’ ‘I just saw you checking her out, seriously, I’m right here?’ ‘Stop nagging me’ Let’s uncover why there’s this theme amongst couples of misunderstanding. The … Read More

Understand the mind

Understand your mind You are both the oppressed and oppressor, the good news is – you have the key to let yourself out. As a sufferer of depression, the madness of the mind is something I’m very familiar with.   But even before mental health issues struck in my mid-thirties, I would fall victim to the mechanics of the mind. My mind pondered on the past and projected into the future, to the point that I would create chemical reactions (emotions) to these thoughts as if they were really happening in that moment. Like we all do.   The mind … Read More

My Last Feather

My last feather I’m not ready to let go of you… But you need to move on. When Braith first left me over 17 years ago I cried uncontrollably for months. His first birthday was torturous and the first anniversary of him leaving left a huge hole in my heart. And then slowly it got easier. I became accustomed to the moments of heaviness around special dates and learnt to talk about him without tears over the years. But this year, I felt like I was back at the beginning, without control of my deep sadness. Losing Flynn this year … Read More

What Would’ve Been

Some weeks these blogs flow out and other weeks I stare at the screen waiting for words to jump out.  Today is the latter.  There’s only so many personal stories you can share before you get sick of your own voice.  So I thought maybe today I can share a snippet of the first version of my book I started to write about a year ago. I have decided to ditch this idea and have moved on to fiction.. eek, so here’s what would of been (this was the intro)… I am not a feminist. Far from it, however history … Read More

Celebrating Men

Celebrating Men   At the risk of sounding sexist, here’s this weeks blog… On Mother’s Day it’s such a treat for me to have my family make me breakfast whilst I lazily stay in bed reading a book. If I get a massage voucher, that’s the icing on the cake. I rarely cook on this day of the year and enjoy quality time with my family.   But is this pampering what will allow a Dad to feel valued on Father’s Day? I get we’re not in the 1950’s, women and men share the roles of managing family life from … Read More

The Whispers of the Universe

She Whispered Gently, So sweetly to me, “When you are silent, I am near”. The Universe speaks lovingly to us But our mind chatters confusingly. All we need is space, and clarity appears.    I shared in my Yoga class on Saturday afternoon a beautiful experience I had earlier that day. I woke with a deep sadness, one that had me spend half the day cradling my heart as it wept with grief. In less than three weeks my baby Braith is eighteen. My heart was clinging to “what should be” happening in the build up to such a momentous … Read More